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     Mrs. Subathra Vetrivel


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The correspondent, the staff and the students take immense pleasure in welcoming you to our School and our website It provides comprehensive and detailed information about our school. Education plays a vital role in the growth and development of human beings. It should not only give good knowledge but should be an encouraging factor for the all-around growth of a child. It should mold his/her character and motivate him/her to develop his/her personality. We strive to achieve this in our school by inculcating the basic values of life in their young age itself. India is an ancient country, with a varied heritage, culture, and traditions. Keeping this in mind the students are made to understand the heritage of our country, as desired by Thirumathi Unnamalai Thayammal the founder of Siruvar Kalikoodam. Her vision was to instill our culture and values to the children of 3 – 5 years old. We aim to find the strength and weaknesses of our children and develop their personalities so that they have a very positive attitude toward life and have mental strength and self-confidence to face the challenges of this competitive world. They should be physically and mentally prepared to be successful in all competitions. We endeavor to mold their character to have a bright and prosperous future with the blessings of their parents, teachers, and THE Great Almighty and be responsible citizen of our country, who needs his/her contribution to be self-reliant.
Happy Learning!!!
Jai Hind.

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Our teachers are committed to a high-quality learning experience focused on the individual needs of each child. Using the most effective teaching methods our teachers cultivate initiative, critical thinking, and self-expression.


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“The warm, nurturing and academic environment has transformed our daughter into an avid and successful learner. The school has exceeded our expectations in developing the whole child.”
“Not only does Sri Saradha School meet our daughters’ needs academically, it provides them with opportunities for social growth through extra curricular activities making it a true school experience. They have made wonderful friends as they continue to build their self-esteem, artistic talents, and athletic abilities.”
Charted Accountant
"I wish every school were like Sri Saradha School. Every child would benefit from its warm and inviting environment. They stress kindness and being respectful to others. They encourage students like no other school. I cannot say enough good things about it. The increases in her reading and writing are unbelievable.”
System Engineer

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